Konica Minolta 512/14 MN
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Konica Minolta 512/14pl Compatibility: Seiko Colorpainter 64S / 100S, HP Designjet 9000 / 10000, Oce CS 6060 / CS 6100, DGI ST1806, Anapurna M/XL LIYU PZ3204-KM, LIYU PZ3206-KM, LIYU PZ3208-KM, SkyJetT PC-3304KM-4C, SkyJet PC-3308KM-4C, SkyJet PC-3312KM-4C, SkyJet PSD-3316KM-4C Leopard H8 3306FNS, Human X-Jet 1808 Warranty: Due to the nature of printer parts and the many factors that go into installing them, we do not accept returns or give refunds on electronics or service parts. Once the package is delivered, its the customers responsibility to check the package for damage. If there is visible damage, refuse the package and contact us at 305-607-8841. Any and all other return claims will not be granted once the package is shipped. For more information please contact us directly at: 305-607-8841

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Konica Minolta 512/14 MN

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