Magenta Eco Solvent ink 1 liter Vibrant Colors DX4/DX5
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You are buying  1 Color Magenta 1L(1000ml) Eco Solvent Ink Bottle. VIBRANT COLORS  brand bulk Ink


Compatibility - Roland/Mimaki/Mutoh series printers. Any Printer that uses the Epson DX-4 OR DX-5 Print head.


- High Quality Ink Manufactured in  JAPAN.

- Capable of printing on various types of media including vinyl, banner and all other materials that support eco solvent inks.

- It has high weather resistance and great outdoor reliability.

- Fading is prevented for well over 12 months.

-Great fluidity and creates bright and vibrant colors.

- Switching to Bulk Inks can help you save up to 85% on ink costs.


- Supports High Speed Printing

- Ink bleeding free on media.

- Decreased banding and beading.


1. Please flush all other previous ink before proceeding to use the Vibrant Colors ink. This will help insure premium print quality and prevent any clogging.

2. Storage Conditions

Temperature: 15-35 °C

Ink and cleaning solutions should always be kept away from heat, sparks, and flames.

Shelf life: 12 months under optimum conditions. 2. Printing Conditions

Indoor conditions

- Optimum temperature: 15-35 °C - Relative humidity: 25%-70% (non-condensing)

Printer temperature conditions

-Pre-heat: 40-43 °C -Printing heat: 38-40 °C -Dryer heat: 45-48 °C

MSDS sheets available upon request.

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Magenta Eco Solvent ink 1 liter Vibrant Colors DX4/DX5

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