Small Damper for the DX-4 Print Head
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This damper is used for filtering impurities in the solvent ink.

Each DX-4 Print Head requires 2 Dampers



Thread Size OD: 3.3 mm    ID: 1.72 mm

O-RING 3mm diameter

Ink line tubing that fits this damper is our item 2.7 x 1.5mm


Compatible With:

Damper for Roland SC / SJ / SP ,Mutoh RH-II / Spitfire / Falcon / RJ-8000

Mutoh RJ-6000 / RJ-6100 / RJ-6154 / Falcon, Mimaki JV2 / TX1, Roland SC-500 / SJ-600 / SJ-500 / CJ-500 / FJ-50 / FJ-40 / FJ-52 / FJ-42


  • Item #: Small Damper DX-4

Small Damper for the DX-4 Print Head

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