Solvent Ink Pump for Roland/Mimaki/Mutoh
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Your are buying a Brand New Brand New Solvent Ink Pump for following Roland Mimaki Mutoh Printers


Compatibility:    Roland SJ740/540 SC540 SP540/300 SC545ex
                                    Mutoh Rockhopper II/ Falon II/ Spitfire Solvent
                                        Mimaki Mimaki CJV30-60 / CJV30-100 / CJV30-130 / CJV30-160 / CJV30-60BS / CJV30-100BS / CJV30-130BS / CJV30-160BS / PV-90 / PV-130 / jv3-130S / JV3-160S / JV3-130SL / JV3-160SP / JV3-250SP / JV33-130 / JV33-160 / JV33-260 / JV34-260 / JV5-130S / JV5-160S / JV5-260S / JV5-320S / JV5-320DS / TPC-1000 / TS3-1600 / TS34-1800A / TS5-1600AMF / TS500-1800
Description:  Solvent Resistant pump with long life expectancy, Quality Materials and Smooth Performance.

Note: There are two different pump for these models, Some of the printers are using a new pump completely different!! Please look at the picture carefully before your make your purchase.

Please Look at the Photos Carefully! What You See, is What You Get!


  • Item #: Solvent Ink Pump for Roland/

Solvent Ink Pump for Roland/Mimaki/Mutoh

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